Exam Board: AQA

Biology is a complex and broad science. You will enjoy this course if you are interested in all aspects of living organisms, how they work and how they interact with their environment. The course looks at different types of biological organisms, how this variation is brought about and explores how they function and survive in their environment. 

Subjects covered include Biological Molecules, Immune System, Cells, Genetics, DNA technology etc. You will receive 5 lessons of Biology per week, usually from 2 different teachers. We also expect you to complete the same amount of time on independent learning. There are also a number of required practical assessments; 6 in year 1 and a further 6 in year 2.


3 exams (2 hours each)

Paper 1 – work from year 1

Paper 2 – work from year 2

Paper 3 – combined content in data form with practical questions and a 25-mark essay.


Our general entry requirements are that you will need a minimum of five Grade 5s or above in your GCSEs to study A-Levels including Maths & English.

To study A Level Biology, you will need to achieve a grade 6 in GCSE Biology or if you have studied the combined paper, you will need to have achieved a 6,5 with the 6 in the biology papers.