Exam Board: AQA

We currently offer Mathematics A level and follow the AQA specification to provide continuity following on from GCSE. Students will have 5 lessons a week and are expected to complete at least 5 hours of independent study a week.

The Mathematics course is made up of 66% Pure Mathematics, 17% Statistics and 17% Mechanics.

Statistics will teach you how can reach conclusions from data and calculate the likelihood of an event occurring. Many subjects including sciences, humanities, and business / economics for example, use statistical methods to proof their theories. The mechanics section teaches you about the motion of objects and the forces acting upon them and is extremely useful for careers in physics or engineering.

Maths is a fun but very challenging qualification, which is why we ask for a minimum of a grade 6 (but ideally a grade 7), in GCSE maths. It is a subject that requires real commitment and love of maths as ingredients for success.


100% examination. 3 papers.

Paper 1 100 marks – Pure Mathematics

Paper 2 100 made up of Pure Mathematics and Mechanics

Paper 3 100 marks made up of Pure Mathematics and Statistics


Our general entry requirements are that you will need a minimum of five Grade 5s or above in your GCSEs to study A-Levels including Maths & English.

However, to study A-Level maths you must also have a minimum grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.