At KS5, students can choose to study A level Media. The course is a 2 year qualification which follows the AQA specification.

There is no need to have studied BTEC or GCSE Media before, but it is strongly recommended that students achieve at least a Level 4 in English before considering this course. This is because English and Media share many of the same skills that students need to do well, namely the ability to analyse and deconstruct a text for different meanings and messages.

In A-level Media Studies, there is a nice balance between theoretical analysis and creative, practical production. Throughout the course, students will study a range of media products called CSPs (close study products) that underpin the exam questions at the end of the course. These products span the 3 main media sectors of print, audio-visual and interactive media. Please see below for a list of current CSPs on the 2024 specification:

A-level Media also offers students the chance to develop a variety of skills such as conducting independent research, practical production skills and how to debate in an articulate manner.

The main focus of the course is to broaden students’ knowledge and appreciation of the role the media plays in our day-to-day life. Of the many themes explored throughout the course, at its centre is the continual exploration of the power shift that has meant consumers in the 21st century now have greater influence and say over what they consume and how they interpret messages put out there by the mainstream media.


The course is split up as follows:

Paper 1 Exam

Paper 2 Exam:



Students would need at least a Level 4 in English Language to consider this course.