Welcome to Meden College

“I am delighted to welcome you to Meden College — a place where academic excellence and success for all our students drives everything we do. A place where support is second to none and where we encourage you to widen your horizons and your ambitions.

We have high expectations of ourselves and our students and as a whole community we take pride in what we do on a daily basis.

You will meet your full potential if you join Meden College and you will be guided and supported every step of the way so that you leave us fully prepared for the next step, whether that be in higher education, further training or employment.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community.”

Holly Smith BSc, PGCE, MAHead of College


As a 21st century educator, we realise that Post 16 learning does not stop at the classroom door, or end when the exam is over. We aim to equip our students with all of the skills you will need to succeed throughout your lives.


We expect that you will take responsibility for your own education and through this develop a love of learning which will extend beyond your time with us. This quality will be key for you as you take your next steps into the world of work or further study.


At Meden, we know that the most successful Post 16 students are those whose education continues when the bell rings for the end of the lesson. We invest in high quality academic monitoring for all our students in order to make the transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 as successful as possible.


Our students are set challenging and aspirational targets as we believe that the education we provide is second to none within the north Nottinghamshire area. We want our students to face challenges with resilience and learn lessons you will take with you at 18.


The world our students will enter at 18 or 21 will look entirely unlike anything today, so it is key that you can act on your feet, adapt and think outside the box. We want your time at Meden to equip you with a wide portfolio of skills so that you can tackle everything life throws at you.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements to the college are five grade 5–9 grades (including English and Maths GCSE). There are also subject-specific entry requirements for each subject that need to be met.

Apply for a Place

Apply Online

The application process for September 2024 entry is open: please fill out the form below to apply.

Please complete all the fields on the application form and ensure you enter a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.

Please read through this form carefully before you start to complete it. You will be required to complete your personal details, information about your qualifications and your provisional course choices.

This form is used to collect information regarding your application to Meden College and will only be used for this purpose. We need the information collected here to enable us to manage this process effectively. The information is for internal use only and will be stored on our internal servers. This information will be kept in line with our data retention policy.

We will only use your contact details to share information with you that is relevant to this process.

If you have any concerns please contact us before you proceed.

1. Basic Information

Your e-mail address will be used to send you confirmation of your form submission, as well as to contact you to invite you for interview.

2. Contact Details
3. Additional Needs / Extra Support

Meden College values all students, acknowledges differences and will support all learners. As such, in order for us to know if and where any necessary additional support is needed, please answer the questions below. Additional information regarding your responses will be discussed further and confidentially at interview.

4. Examination Details

A reminder that the entry requirements for all students wishing to study at Meden College from September 2024 onwards are:

  • A '4' or above in English Language GCSE
  • A '4' or above in Mathematics GCSE
  • In addition, our A Level courses require a '5' or above in a relevant GCSE subject (Mathematics requires a '6')

If a student does not meet the entry requirements detailed above, we will unfortunately not be able to offer them a place on their chosen courses in September 2024.

Please enter details of all other examination courses, including type of qualification (if not GCSE) and predicted or achieved grades:

5. Provisional Course Options

All students beginning their study at Meden College will need to select the 3 A Level courses which they will study for the duration of their two years with us.

Please also select two backup options.

Before selecting your choices below, please ensure you have reviewed the course-specific entry requirements outlined in our Course Guide.

Please be aware that in the unlikely event that a course does not receive sufficient interest at the interview stage, there is a chance it may not run; in this instance, alternative courses will be offered.

6. Personal Statement

We would like to know more about you and why you would like to study with us at Meden College. Please include below a personal statement (maximum 4000 characters) detailing:

  • Why you want to study at Meden College
  • Why you would like to study the three courses selected above
  • What you would like to do after Meden College
  • Any further information about you, including hobbies, interests, voluntary work, awards or anything else you would like to share with us.
7. Publicity Material

Please indicate if we are your first choice and, if No, please could you let us know which is your first choice? Your answer to this question will not jeopardise your application with us.

8. Declaration

Please read the statements below, before confirming that you agree to these conditions and are happy to submit your application to Meden College for a September 2024 start:

  • I am, to the best of my knowledge, on track to achieve the entry requirements – a '5' or above in GCSE English Language and a '5' or above in GCSE Mathematics.
  • I am, to the best of my knowledge, on track to achieve a '5' or above in any relevant GCSE course as per the course specific entry requirements detailed in the course guide.
  • I understand that submitting this application form is not a guarantee of a place, and that I will be contacted for interview, which will take place in the Spring Term.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application, which we look forward to reading!

You will now receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted.

Once we have reviewed the information, you will be contacted via email to arrange an interview time.